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post graduate
Raimund Engel

Does my patient have such tense muscles because of emotional problems? Does his pain maybe come from toxins in the body? Many osteopaths ask themselves questions like that regularly, but how do you find out the answers, and what do you do then?

One way to find some answers is Physioenergetics (also known as Holistic Kinesiology), a system for diagnosis and treatment using the arm-length-reflex-test (AR) that was developed by the Belgian osteopath Raphael Van Assche MSc. D.O..

Using the AR - testing provides us with a way to enter into a dialogue with the patient’s inner physician to find the place to start the treatment and possible causes behind a symptom. Then testing is used to determine the preferred modality of treatment for the individual patient at the time of the treatment, which may be Osteopathy, but maybe also another intervention on a psycho-emotional, metabolic or energetic level.

Many osteopaths have learned several different approaches to a patient’s health throughout their training and career. Here Physioenergetics can become a valuable “signpost” for them helping to choose the optimal approach.

Used within osteopathic assessment of the patient, testing with the AR can significantly speed up the process of diagnosing and prioritizing somatic dysfunctions.

This workshop will introduce Physioenergetics with its basic principles and techniques.  It will also provide a first-hand experience into using the AR and suggest ways to start using it in clinical practice right away.

Course 1 Contents (2,5 days)

  • Testing with the arm-length-reflex-test (AR)
  • Stress and the bio-computer-model in holistic kinesiology (HK)
  • Using the tools of “locking information” and Mudras within test sequences
  • Pre-tests for reducing the risk of test errors
  • Diagnosing somatic dysfunction and treatment priorities
  • Testing the effects of osteopathic techniques
  • The use of Bach Flower Remedies for the treatment of emotional problems
  • “Emotional Stress Release (ESR)”- Technique
  • Testing the need for nutrients or remedies
  • Using Auriculotherapy and acupuncture within the Physioenergetics context
  • Diagnosing and treating the human energy field
Friday, 4 May, 2018 to Sunday, 6 May, 2018
Physioenergetics Certificate
Accreditation is in progres
500€ (KMO portefeuille is possible for students of Flanders) Friday 9-18h Saturday 9-18h Sunday 9-13h Breaks, lunch, certificate and syllabus included