Student exchange

OsEAN: The Osteopathic European Academic Network

The Osteopathy Academy of FICO is a full member of OsEAN and it's school network. OsEAN is an international organisation of academic oriented osteopathy schools which measure up to the highest standards of osteopathy education. The curriculum of the Osteopathy Academy of FICO is in accordance with the guidelines which currently applies to all academies, colleges and universities in Europe. 

Our education has undergone the strict quality audit of the Austrian Standards Institute (ASI) and therefore is a full member of the Osteopathic European Academic Network (OsEAN).

This membership allows a student to exchange between schools of the OsEAN network for free. The quality control of the ASI ensures that also during an exchange programm the student will follow qualitative classes and education. Only schools which meet the strict ASI standards are able to become member of OsEAN. 

OsEAN is a non-profit organisation located in Vienna, with the objective to bring osteopathic educations together. Following goals are pursued:

  • To develop a standardized model for osteopathic education in Europe. 
  • To develop and improve cooperation and innovation in between the schools associated in OsEAN  (eg. administration, education, science and services). 
  • To form a common European representation of schools, to play an active role in the development and adjustment of European standards. 
  • To start and develop scientific research in between osteopathic educations. 
  • To obtain an academic recognition for the osteopathic profession, in all European countries. 
  • To develop a common didactic teacher training to ensure high academic quality of education.

The Osteopathy Academy of FICO actively participates in the realization of these objectives.  

Within this European assocation of osteopathic schools, student exchange programs are optimally stimulated. in this way a student can visit osteopathic schools in different countries in the European Union and beyond.

Expant the borders of your osteopathy education with the Osteopathy Academy of FICO.