Milo Parchimowicz

Milosz Parchimowicz Dry Needling
Milo Parchimowicz MSc PT, OMPT

Milo Parchimowicz graduated with honor roll from Alleman Catholic High School in Rock Island, Illinois.

A graduate of physiotherapy at the Academy of Physical Education in Poznan, including one semester of Erasmus program in Coimbra, Portugal. 

  • Certified in Kaltenborn-Evjenth Manual Therapy and MDT McKenzie. Has completed 4 years (over 1000 hours) of Orthopaedic Manipulative Therapy program under IFOMPT standards:
  • Palpation Anatomy - Marcin Fluder DO, Anna Gawryszewska DO (Poland)
  • OMT techniques for upper and lower extremities - Sigurd Slaastad OMPT (USA, Norway)
  • Manipulation of cervical and lumbar spine according to Nordic OMT principles - Sigurd Slaastad OMPT 
  • Master course on Pain - Jan Pool, phd, MSc PT, OMPT (Netherlands)
  • HVLA and neutral manipulations with clinical reasoning and differential diagnosis - Tim Daelemans MSc. Ost. DO, Hans Fauville MSc. Ost. DO (Belgium)
  • Introduction to specific treatment philosophy - Robert W. Sydenham OMPT (Canada)
  • Mentored Clinical Practice - John Langendoen, IFOMPT Standards Committee Member (Netherlands)
  • Pelvic and knee examination and treatment - John Langendoen, IFOMPT Standards Committee Member
  • Lumbar and cervical spine examination and treatment -John Langendoen, IFOMPT Standards Committee Member
  • Neurodynamic Solutions NDS - Michael Shacklock OMPT (Australia)
  • Visceral Therapy - Michel Puylaert DO (Belgium)
  • Rehabilitation Training course - Lasse Thue OMPT (Norway)
  • Medical imaging - Piotr Godek DO (Poland)
  • Mentored Clinical Practice - Mirek Debski OMPT (Poland)

Also finished:

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS) - Remgiusz Rzepka
  • Percutaneous Electrolysis EPTE - Adam Michonski
  • Diffrental Diagnosis - T. Daelemans, A. Vermeersh
  • Relating the myogons to the functional anatomy and Dr. Still writings - R. Johnston from Canadian Academy of Osteopathy


Runs his own practice in Szczecin - Reha-Team.

Since 2014 works as lecturer at the Pomeranian Medical University where he teaches: palpation anatomy, diagnostics and manual therapy.

Has worked with polish best pole vaulter - Piotr Lisek, European Indoor Champion and silver medal at the 2017 World Championship. 


Completed Medical Acupuncture course in London and for over year worked as translator and assistant of Craig Smith from Republic of South Africa on Dry Needling courses in Poland. Assisted in teaching over 300 physios.

After that became teacher himself and by now has taught on many dry needling courses with over 500 physios and MD's trained.